Does My Bra Fit Correctly ?

Choosing a bra that fits

If you are looking to buy some sumptuous new lingerie or even just an everyday bra, isn't it worth making sure your wearing the correct size?

It only takes a few minutes to check your measurements with the video bra fitting guide and we guarantee your bra will fit better and feel fantastic to wear.

Putting My Bra On Correctly For The Best Fit ?

Putting on you bra is something your do everyday, but are you doing it correctly to ensure the best fit ?

Do My Bras Cups Fit Correctly ?

Having correctly fitting bra cups will improve your silhouette under clothing, give your boobs better shape and improved comfort.

How Should My Bra Underband Fit ?

Your bra band does all of the work in supporting your boobs, the straps should only be there to offer extra security. How should the band of your bra fit ?

How Should My Bra Underwires Fit ?

Correctly fitting wires on your bra can be the difference between all day comfort or discomfort. How should the wires fit ?

Are My Bra Straps Correctly Adjusted ?

Your bra straps should fit comfortably and should not dig into your shoulders.

Bra straps that are too-tight can cause the cups to dig into your bust, while loose straps will slip off your shoulders as you move. How should the straps fit ?